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Antenna Installations

Digital antennas eliminate reception issues allowing you an uninterrupted viewing experience. Our team of highly skilled technicians will be able to install TV Antenna for you to ensure you get the most out of it.

Fix Bad Reception

We have the skills and the right equipment to fix any issues with your TV reception. Get in touch today and say good bye to any TV antenna reception issues.

Additional TV Point

Our technicians are able to professionally add new TV points in your home. If you need a TV point in a room where there is none, call Super TV Antenna.

TV Wall Mount

Mounting a TV is an efficient way to utilise space. We have a variety of TV Brackets to ensure you get the right one for your TV.


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Your Local Sunshine West Technician is Available TODAY

Our skilled antenna installation Melbourne installers will grant you the best quality antenna installation in Melbourne and fix bad receptions as if they were never there. Super Antennas services include antenna installation services, tv wall mounting,  tv arial installation, digital antenna installation services. All the antenna installation services are provided promptly and satisfactorily.

With our digital dish antenna installation services, you will never find any issue in the reception. The tv arial installations and our antennas have built-in filters that remove any interfaces to ensure perfect transmission of signals.  We guarantee to provide you with durable, high-quality, and heavy-duty antenna installation services.

Antenna installation services by Super Antennas are reliable for the customers because we offer the best antennas, brackets, tv wall mounting, and antenna mastings. Our skilled technicians will be at your doorstep for the clear tv antenna setup to provide you with a wonderful tv experience.

If you ever have any interfaces in your antenna installation Melbourne, you can always contact Super Antennas. Our trained staff will fix bad receptions by finding issues in the antenna amplifiers, antenna cabling outlets, and antennas. For all types of issues, you can feel free to call Super Antennas for antenna installation services.

Our courteous and highly trained staff will be at your place for antenna installation services to provide you with a clear tv antenna setup without any distortion in the sound or images.

So, whether it is dish antenna installations, repairing, or reception issues, you can rely on Super Antennas as your antenna installations near me. You can all the antenna installation services at the most reasonable prices.

Our company has granted antenna installation services to the people of Melbourne for years. Any customer can opt us for the prompt antenna installation Melbourne

We provide our customers with a 10 year warranty for antenna installation in Melbourne Suburbs .

The services we provide are :

  • Tv wall mounting
  • Fixation of bad reception

  • Repairing of antennas
  • Clear tv antenna setup

By contacting us now, you can facilitate yourself with reasonable prices and discounts on our services. You do not have to worry about extra charges because our skilled technicians will guide you about the issues and calculate how much you need to pay.

You can contact us daily between 7 AM and 7 PM to call our technician to your place. They will provide quick and reliable service, so you can count on Super Antennas as the best antenna installation near me.

You can find the cost and share any queries about your tv installations with our courteous staff, so feel free to call us now.